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I graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University and am board-certified in psychiatry. My background in medicine is diverse; I have also been an emergency physician. It is my professional conviction that one can live a meaningful and fulfilling life only through addressing the health of both the mind and the body. Thus, effective psychiatry must assess all aspects of a patient's condition.

Because of trends in reimbursement, currently patients often consult with psychiatrists only for medication, relying instead entirely on a non-MD for therapy. This split treatment is often suboptimal, especially when the two caregivers do not confer consistently. By contrast, I seek to establish a solid therapeutic relationship with all of my patients, seeing them for five hour-long sessions before referring them to therapists. Thereafter I continue to see the patient once a month, working closely with my non-MD colleagues to provide the appropriate medication treatments as well as the necessary psychotherapy for an integrated approach. Those patients who prefer to see me for both medication management and therapy are also welcome.

My approach is validated, collaborative, thorough, and respectful. My goal is to improve the patient's life with unified treatment grounded on a strong therapeutic alliance of empathy and insight. One must care about the patient in order to care for the patient.

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